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a knitalong blog of garments of which stacy and clinton (or, if you prefer, trinny and susannah) would approve! choose patterns and colors that flatter your body type--this is the antidote to unflattering clothing everywhere, the reason many of us learned to knit our own clothing in the first place!

Monday, May 29, 2006

what not to knit

i love the what not to wear shows on tlc and on bbc (will be curious to see how the latter goes with its new stylists!). i confess to preferring the u.s. version to the british original.
but i digress.
i see a lot of folks knitting things that don't seem...like the most flattering knits for them. whether they thought they would be and they just disagree with me about what's flattering, or they thought they would be and the garment just didn't turn out like they planned, or they just didn't think about flatteringness and just really wanted to knit that beautiful garment (because beautiful isn't always the same as flattering on a particular person--or on anyone, or in the chosen yarn), i don't know.
but i thought maybe it'd be interesting to see what people knit with attention to body type and shape, complexion and coloring in mind--the way the stylists on "what not to wear" do. maybe even get stacy-and-clintonesque critiques from one another with good-natured humor ;)
so if you like the shows and you like to knit, join up, choose a pattern, and knit along! ask for advice if you like. and post links to sites with good patterns and smart info, too--we all need that :)


Blogger ChiaLea said...

Hey, Lisa. I'll join in (especially if people are willing to give me some advice and colour and fit)... I'm working on a design-your-own which is a bit more complex than most things I've knitted.

The BBC site wasn't particularly helpful for me: it gives the same "tall" advice as it gives for you. Besides that, all my bits pretty much average out, so it just says that I shouldn't engulf my waist in fabric. Even I knew that one already; if I don't wear something that clings to my waist I tend to look pregnant.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

I really love the idea of this blog AND I love Stacy and Clinton. They are usually on target with their suggestions, in my view, and I've actually found myself thinking, "What would Stacy and Clinton think about this outfit?" as I get dressed for work in the morning. SICK, I know!

10:31 PM  

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