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Sunday, June 04, 2006

What I should wear

I have to admit that I've watched the US version of What Not to Wear, and I don't agree with Stacey and Clinton about some things (mostly their use of animal prints, neon, and sparkles). My style is certainly more boring. In fact, it's "I hate shopping" boring: most things go together and have an elegant line that's (sufficiently) stylish from year to year. I'm working on mixing some more colour into my wardrobe.

Their tool told me a lot of stuff I already know, but it all basically came down to one thing: don't wear clothes that swallow my waist. This is my cardinal rule of clothes. In fact, it's so important for people with a substantial bust and a small waist that I am illustrating it with a graphic (please excuse roughness of right-hand graphic -- I look more hourglass than pear in person):

I'm not a big person, and I don't look fat if I wear flowing tops. Unfortunately, I do look pregnant, because there certainly could be a lot of belly hiding under the encompassing structure of my bust. (Note: I have nothing against looking pregnant if I am. I'm not, and I don't feel like taking the career hit for it if I'm not.)

So I should be knitting things that say "here is my waist" but still fit over my bust. This rules anything boxy right out. I want to try an experiment, though. Usually, empire waists are a bad idea for me, because they look like maternity clothing. What if I knit empire-waist sweeater that: a) didn't ride up my bust so it stood out over my stomach and b) fit very closely through the rib cage area, then draped softly in an A-line shape below?

To this end, I'm searching for a drapey DK-weight yarn that still has good stitch definition and cables well (I have a design cooking up in my fevered brain). My best bet thus far seems to be Zephyr DK. While my first inclination would be to buy some in grey, I'm trying to wear more colour. I'm considering any very cool colour that goes with black and grey; the first consideration speaks to my complexion, the second my winter wardrobe. I was thinking 57; any thoughts?


Blogger LisaBe said...

would love to see this design (hm...wouldn't it help if i made it to te cafe one of these thursdays before you move away??). i, too, always hear how flattering empire waists are supposed to be for me, yet always feel like they'll look like maternity clothes on me. i love, for example the belle epoque pattern on knitty, but think i'll look fully in my second trimester.
on to color. that zephyr stuff looks great. i could see a lot going with black and grey (isn't that what we adore about those colors?) :) either of the first two reds would be great, depending on the design--could overpower it if it's a delicate design, but if it's dramatic or simple, it could be perfect. 16 is a cool and elegant color with some potential, and i think 69 would be the one i'd choose. but it's hard to say without seeing the design. but 57 and 58 are great if you wear purple, or 74 if you're looking for something darker.
i've been going through this trying to choose the color of that calista sweater--funny how much color changes the character of a garment so much. when i can, i think i'm going for the cloud color (knitpicks shine sport), but it'll be a while before i have time. and by then, it won't be time for cotton sweaters, or it'll be *next* spring again :)

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