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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the gap is having a sale...

and lo and behold, i spy a skirt that may work with tubey for the morning fall wedding for which i'm knitting it. or rather, for which i will be knitting it--the current copper-colored tubey is a gift for a friend with similar figure issues. but mine will be in winter white, and i have been on the prowl for the perfect skirt. is this it?

i think it has the corseting effect at the top of a pencil skirt, yet the pleats have the same balancing effect as flared pants do. and the length is a good one, i think (though my legs aren't as crazily barbie-doll skinny as the model's--did the gap's photoshop people accidentally lop off her left knee and shin?).
pleats are a pain to own--i never iron them myself, so i wear them only as often as i get them to the dry cleaner (literally a couple of times a year).
i don't wear (or own) heels that high, and i'm also not sure i'd wear bare legs in michigan in september--i think the weather there is unpredictable--but i'm considering this. i've been hunting for a tulip skirt (or a gored skirt or fit-and-flare skirt), but this may be better--firmer construction will help the foundation garment keep it all together. we'll see. (the fact that i have a gap gift card helps.)


Blogger ChiaLea said...

People wear pleats again? I thought those had gone out of style or something.

As to pleats and flattering issues, pleats add extra bulk. If you start them lower down, like on that skirt, you don't get all of the bulk issues (multiple folds/thickness of fabric) higher up, where they're more noticable. Check the pleats for construction details; it's very important that the pleats are created correctly and tacked down well, so they don't come apart in strange ways. Manufacturers have been known to cut corners here.

Corseting effect from a pencil skirt? I've never experienced this... just make sure it's not a sausage-casing effect! :)

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