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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the perfect transitional and layering sweater?

i own this sweater in grey, and just discovered it's part of the gap's sale ($7-25, depending on the color). i bought it in an emergency (seriously--a story you don't want to hear, but i had to replace what i was wearing while i was out), and it immediately became my favorite fall and spring weather sweater. i have looked for it many times in other colors, and finally it's available in black and white. snap. perfect weight for the pittsburgh weather for many months of the year, perfect length of body and sleeve, perfect lines--except, according to trinny and susannah...large-breasted women shouldn't wear high round necks--it molds breasts into one big lump.
so, i'm getting the sweaters in black and white, and i'm trying out the skirt to wear to the wedding with tubey.
the point of the sweater post wasn't supposed to be "look, i bought this," though (whoops). it was supposed to be, "look at this basic sweater silhouette--fine gauge, close fit, easily alterable neckline and sleeve length to suit your body type and climate needs." there you go: if your chest is too big to make the jewel neckline work, make yours with a lower scoop neck that breaks up the chest area. if you can pull off short sleeves, knit yours with short sleeves. and of course, if i were knitting this, i probably wouldn't do an all-over cable pattern--color me lazy. i'd probably do something like this, a pattern i bought as soon as i saw it because i knew it would be perfect for me. a heavier look, perhaps, but it's actually knitted in a sport-weight yarn. i'm planning to make it in either the andean treasure called for in the pattern (now that i've scored two cotton-blend sweaters for myself and can deal with the idea of another wool) or in knitpicks shine sport. i think it's gorgeous and the perfect silhouette.
okay. time to stop blogging and get to work. yikes.


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