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Sunday, July 02, 2006


The last time I posted, I noted that I should be wearing knits that show my waist. Most other things are negotiable. I've been burned out on my thesis, so I'm knitting someone else's design: Mermaid.

Good points about this design: the vertical stripes show off my curvy bits, it actually should follow my curvy bits, and it's already open over the bust so that it can't gap strangely. I am thinking of reknitting this later (it's only ~$30-40 of yarn to knit a small size once you have the pattern, even though the kit is expensive) in a black-brown/black/ivory colourway, so that it will go with all of my neutrals. I might even felt a second one somewhat, to make it more jacket-like and windproof.

I'm just over halfway done with the body (knitted on 2.5mm needles!); you can see progress photos on my blog. It should look quite a bit like this when it's done.

(In other clothing news, the tips my mom got on What Not to Wear about what kind of a suit I should be wearing were 100% correct. (nipped waist, little flared peplum, buttons coming high up the chest) Unfortunately, my bust seems to be more of a size 12 than the size 6 I wear on the rest of my torso. If anyone has any tips on how to alter a jacket's bust size up or where I could find a suit that's unusually curvy, I'd very much appreciate it, as the size 12s seem to be out of reasonable alterations range.)


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